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Gaining admission to a pre-professional school has never been more competitive. Candidates must have extensive patient contact hours and letters of recommendation to increase their chances of success. That’s why a growing number of students are choosing to become medical scribes, especially if taking a gap year. Not only does medical scribing provide plenty of opportunities to observe providers treating patients, but scribes also gain access to a professional mentor who can provide advice and a valuable letter of recommendation.
Five Reasons to Work with Scribe-X
Our smaller corporate team offers more personal communication and an authentic commitment to our scribes’ career goals. That means time off for MCATs and time off for interviews.
Gain Knowledge &
Contact Hours
Remote medical scribes document patient encounters in real-time, helping you gain the knowledge and accrue the patient contact hours just as if you were working in the clinic.
Diverse Patient
We work with many community health centers, meaning you can see a culturally diverse patient population who live in underserved areas. Medical schools place a high value on this type of experience.
Medical scribes work closely with providers who are interested in mentoring the next generation of healthcare workers. You’ll leave with valuable letters of recommendation and the beginnings of a professional network.
For Growth
Our medical scribes have many opportunities for advancement, and can pursue a variety of leadership roles during their time with Scribe-X.
Become a Medical Scribe First
Our smaller corporate team offers more personal communication and an authentic commitment to our scribes’ career goals. That means time off for MCATs and time off for interviews.
The Scribe-X Career Path
Medical Scribes typically work with one full-time or two part-time providers for a year or more. This is the best way to master the skills of a medical scribe and develop a close bond with a provider who can offer guidance and letters of recommendation.
Float Scribes are experienced medical scribes who support a variety of medical providers, often across multiple specialties.
Lead Scribes are experienced medical scribes who split their time between scribing duties and training new scribes. The training focuses on the final two to four weeks of the training sequence called the Apprenticeship Phase. During this time, scribes learn to apply their knowledge in the live environment while the provider sees patients.
Training Consultants are experienced medical scribes who are also experienced at training new scribes. While they sometimes provide regular scribe support, their focus is twofold: training new scribes and training new medical providers on optimizing their remote medical scribe service.
Education Supervisors oversee the entire training process, including leading small cohorts through classroom training and any ongoing support a scribe or medical provider may need to succeed in the partnership. They work closely with a staffing coordinator to assure employees and customers have an excellent experience.
This is a true management position for long-term employees with exceptional scribe training experience.
The Scribe Diaries
What Our Clients Say

Our Success Stories

“In pediatrics patients and parents really appreciate eye contact. Scribe-X has given me back the ability to focus on the patient and not the computer screen. My productivity has also gone up, allowing my families to have better access when I am really needed. My scribe & I have a great professional working relationship and is considered a vital team member of my support staff.”

Jonathan A. M.D.

“Working with Scribe-X, I have been able to give patients more personalized attention and a more thorough evaluation. Focusing directly on patient care and documentation of orders and treatment plans to completion WHILE IN THE ROOM, significantly reduces work flow interruptions. This reduces re-work, re-thought and medical errors. (Huge stress reliever)”

Chenelle M., PA-MS

“Working with Scribe-X medical scribes gave me back my time and peace of mind.”

Hal B.

“Our clients increased their practice revenue by 20-35 percent after implementing a medical scribe.”

Jill A.
Clinic Administrator / CEO Health E Practices

“Scribe-X’s medical director worked with our team to ensure customized training for our office.”

Linda N.
Clinic Administrator

“Adding a medical scribe to my team made the difference between closing my doors and practicing for 5 more years. It has been invaluable to my practice and my patients.”

Murlan G., D.O.

“Having all of the scribe functions done for us has been wonderful. Communication with Scribe-X is always fast and accurate. The scribes perform well, and my doctors are very happy.”

Connie P.
Clinic Administrator

“My scribe is continuing to improve daily and I am very happy with her work.  In the last couple of months, I have found myself enjoying medicine more-and-more as I can focus less on the charting.”

Michael F., MCHS, PA-C

“I've had a wonderful experience working with the Scribe-X team. My current scribe took a little longer to complete her formal training, but since then, I've been very impressed with her tenacity for excellence and continued growth. She dramatically improves patient care, clinic efficiency, and my own quality of life.”

Alexandra B.