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If you're an aspiring physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner ready to launch your healthcare career, you've landed in the right place. Scribe-X is the nation's premier medical scribe services company with the best training program in the industry. We're confident we can give you a leg-up among your peers and accelerate your entry to medical school. Visit our open positions page to view our available remote, work-from-home positions at clinics nationwide.

As a remote medical scribe, you'll spend your days working alongside providers in a mentorship relationship, caring for diverse groups of patients. Along the way, you'll earn valuable patient contact experience and learn about medicine from the professionals who practice it every day. That's why the next generation of healthcare providers will become medical scribes first.
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The Scribe-X Medical
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Our Ultimate Medical Scribe Journey offers our scribes support that other companies can't match. We designed the program to help our scribes improve their ability to gain admission to medical school or a physician assistant program. During your time at Scribe-X, you'll unlock new rewards that support your educational goals, including paid training, free GRE/MCAT test prep materials, and even interviews with our university partners. When your journey concludes, you'll have transformed from a novice and earned your medical scribe certification, ready to take your next career step.  

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A Unique Opportunity: Our Scribe Referral Program

Do you know someone who wants to become a medical scribe? We'd love to talk with them (and pay you for your help)!

Medical Scribe Referral Program

Experience a 'Day in the Life' of a Medical Scribe

The Scribe Diaries reveal our remote medical scribes’ unique experiences, personal growth, and career development as they work alongside providers as a meaningful care team member and pursue their healthcare aspirations. You’ll also see news, industry updates, and posts from the Scribe-X leadership team as we pursue our mission to transform healthcare and nurture the next generation of providers.
"My provider has helped me gain an appreciation for family medicine. Witnessing the positive impacts of developing a trusting relationship with patients from my provider made me realize the importance of human connection in medicine."
Carissa W., Scribe
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