Built to Improve

The Scribe-X Company Journey

Over the years, we've focused on incremental changes that enhanced medical scribe training, optimized our technological infrastructure, developed innovative employee benefits, and improved the provider experience. Our philosophy of constant improvement extends far beyond our company, as our scribes leave us and continue their learning in medical school and beyond.

Our Leadership Team

The Scribe-X leadership team is composed of medical professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and former scribes focused on building the country's best medical scribe company.
  • Master’s Degree in Community Health Nursing.
  • Served as the regional director for nursing operations for Providence Health and Services.
  • CEO of an innovative senior housing company based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Grew from the ground up to over 3,500 clients nationally.
  • Master in Business Administration, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.
  • Launched and matured businesses focused on EMR implementation support, and medical records management.
Director of Operations
  • Master of Science in Global Health.
  • As a medical scribe, trained more than 100 new scribes, worked across more than 50 providers, and launched new clinics.
Our medical scribe programs reduce documentation burdens for healthcare providers, enabling them to care for patients more effectively while enjoying improved work/life balance. We simultaneously support medical scribes’ career ambitions, connecting them with valuable educational opportunities so they are equipped to become the next generation of healthcare providers.
As we succeed in our mission, current and future healthcare providers will practice with utmost efficiency and attention, offering premier care to patients and creating healthier communities across the country.
Integrity and Compassion: Because every patient matters, every time.
Excellence and Reliability: Because this is hard work, and we are all part of a team.
Education and Mentorship: Because we are all lifelong learners.
Positivity and Enthusiasm: Because it is infectious and often the best medicine.
Adaptability and Growth: Because healthcare is never static.
How is scribe-x different from other medical scribe companies?

Scribe-X offers its medical scribes many unique benefits, including consistent pairing with one or two provider mentors each week, experience documenting the entire patient encounter and learning medical decision-making, the opportunity to work from home, and four to six weeks of initial paid training with as much ongoing training support as needed. The Scribe-X Medical Scribe Journey offers the optimal experience for launching a scribe's healthcare career!

Can I work part-time as a medical scribe?

Scribes commit to working with their provider consistently for at least one year. This requires them to match their work schedule with the provider. In most cases, we recommend scribes wait until they graduate or only have a few classes left to ensure their availability continually matches their providers and they do not need to reduce their working hours.

Is the patient encounter recorded?

No. Our proprietary telehealth platform, ScribeBridge™, facilitates a live video feed but does not record encounters. Even chat messages are purged daily.

what are the CAPABILITIES of your medical scribes?

Scribe-X scribes are trained to document the entire patient encounter, from history and physical to assessment and plan. Additionally, Scribe-X scribes assist with patient instructions, order and prescription entry, billing and coding, and quality measure capture.

How does a remote medical scribe program work?

Medical scribes connect with their provider via live video feed from their HIPAA-compliant home office. Scribes are trained to observe and capture all relevant details during patient encounters, completing most of the note in real-time. Scribes finalize notes between patient encounters so they can be signed off throughout the day.

“My scribe continues to improve daily, and I am very happy with her work. In the last couple of months, I have found myself enjoying medicine more and more as I can focus less on the charting.”
Michael F., Provider
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