Scribe-X Values


1. Reliability
2. Quality
3. Proactive Communication


1. Professional
2. Respectful
3. Positive Attitude


1. Reliability
2. Accountability
3. Personal / Professional Growth

Support Team

1. Accountability
2. Teamwork
3. Positive Attitude

Scribe-X Vision

Our vision is to staff a medical scribe with every healthcare team, playing a key role in improving healthcare services in their community, gaining invaluable experience in medicine, and mentorship from the outstanding healthcare providers we serve.

Scribe-X Mission

Our Mission is to improve the clinician’s quality of life, the financial health of their provider, and the quality of patient care, as well as to provide opportunities for aspiring healthcare providers to learn medicine first-hand as a medical scribe.

We Are Scribe-X

Scribe-X was founded in 2013 around the observation that outpatient clinics would benefit from a scribe service tailored to the individual goals of each healthcare provider.

Scribe-X offers personalized scribe staffing services, with a training sequence geared to the specific needs, goals and preferences of the healthcare provider utilizing the service. In most cases, this means matching one scribe to one healthcare provider.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

By The Numbers

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Our Amazing Team Members

Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line is an accounting framework with three parts: social (people), environmental (planet) and financial (profit). Scribe-X has adopted the TBL framework to evaluate our performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value and align our priorities with our core values.



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Scribe-X scribes pay for themselves!


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