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Take Back Your Time, Take Back Your Practice with Our Medical Scribes!

Our Onsite and Remote Medical Scribes are helping clinics grow and providers find balance, through real-time chart completion, including orders and telehealth support.

Scribe-X has been providing quality, reliable medical scribes to clinics like yours since 2013.

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Our Metrics

Increase Charge Capture
Increased Patient Visits
Same-Day Chart Closure

Real-Time Clinical Documentation Reduces Administrative Burden and Clinician Burn-Out.

A recent study shows that for every hour a clinician spends with patients, they spend an additional two hours of EMR and desk time. As a result, many different solutions have been developed to reduce this time, but none are as simple or effective as a scribe. By allowing clinicians to have better face-to-face encounters with their patients, and vastly decreasing the EMR and desk time needed, our scribes accomplish the following:

  • Increase the quality of patient encounters.
  • Reduce clinician burnout.
  • Increase revenue for the clinician.

What Makes Us Different

We provide the most robust training in the industry, for both the scribe and the provider, assuring break-even in month 1
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All of our scribes undergo a comprehensive certification process that confirms that the knowledge obtained through the Scribe-X training is sufficient to be proficient in medical scribing in a clinical setting. This certification course includes nine components accumulating in an in-depth, 100-question exam which is assigned to a scribe after 60 days of on-site experience. By achieving this certification, our scribes demonstrate the high level of skill necessary to keep up with the demands of their role and the needs of their provider.

Medical Scribes

The role of the traditional medical scribe has evolved from documentation assistant to productivity partner. Though primarily focused on reducing the clerical burden of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), today's medical scribes improve the efficiency of entire care teams. As burnout reaches epidemic proportions, medical scribes assist with critical ancillary tasks, empowering care teams to work top-of-license.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Success Stories

“In pediatrics patients and parents really appreciate eye contact. Scribe-X has given me back the ability to focus on the patient and not the computer screen. My productivity has also gone up, allowing my families to have better access when I am really needed. My scribe & I have a great professional working relationship and is considered a vital team member of my support staff.”

Jonathan A. M.D.

“Working with Scribe-X, I have been able to give patients more personalized attention and a more thorough evaluation. Focusing directly on patient care and documentation of orders and treatment plans to completion WHILE IN THE ROOM, significantly reduces work flow interruptions. This reduces re-work, re-thought and medical errors. (Huge stress reliever)”

Chenelle M., PA-MS

“Working with Scribe-X medical scribes gave me back my time and peace of mind.”

Dr. Hal B.

“Our clients increased their practice revenue by 20-35 percent after implementing a medical scribe.”

Jill Arena
Clinic Administrator / CEO Health E Practices

“Scribe-X’s medical director worked with our team to ensure customized training for our office.”

Linda N.
Clinic Administrator

“Adding a medical scribe to my team made the difference between closing my doors and practicing for 5 more years. It has been invaluable to my practice and my patients.”

Murlan G., D.O.

“Having all of the scribe functions done for us has been wonderful. Communication with Scribe-X is always fast and accurate. The scribes perform well, and my doctors are very happy.”

Connie P.
Clinic Administrator

“My scribe is continuing to improve daily and I am very happy with her work.  In the last couple of months, I have found myself enjoying medicine more-and-more as I can focus less on the charting.”

Michael F., MCHS, PA-C

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