Five Reasons Why it’s Better Working at Scribe-X

Opportunities for medical scribes have exploded over the last ten years as more and more providers discover how valuable their work is. As a result, there are now several large companies offering scribe services to providers across the country. These companies have thousands of positions to fill every year and recruit aggressively. Because of this, some people who are interested in becoming a medical scribe — especially in the Portland metro area — don’t know that there’s a better option right in their backyard. 

Scribe-X is a locally-owned company offering scribe services to providers in Oregon, Washington, and many other states. To provide the best possible service for our clients, we’re always on the hunt for promising scribe candidates to join our team. 

Five Benefits of Working for Scribe-X

There’s a big difference between working as a scribe for a large company and working as a Scribe-X medical scribe. Here’s why: 

1. We’re Invested in Your Healthcare Career

Most of our scribes use this experience as a stepping stone on their way to a career in healthcare. After all, working as a medical scribe is a great way to earn the clinical hours so many schools now require. That’s why in any given year, roughly 75% of our scribes move on to medical, PA, or nursing school. Many large companies would try and discourage this kind of turnover, but Scribe-X is different. We understand that people who are already interested in a medical career make the best scribes. So, while our scribes are working at Scribe-X, we do everything in our power to help them along their career path.

When you’re a Scribe-X scribe, you’ll have guaranteed time off for your MCAT testing, or your med school or PA school interviews. We’ll also provide valuable letters of reference you can include in your application packets. All that is in addition to the fantastic experience you’ll receive as you work alongside providers in a clinical setting.  

2. We Provide Extensive Training

Before you begin working as a scribe, we provide extensive training to ensure you can provide confident and knowledgeable support for your provider. Many large companies only offer a few days of training, then throw their scribes into a clinical setting, expecting them to figure the rest out on their own. That's not the way Scribe-X operates.

90% of our scribes come to our company with no previous experience. That's why we've developed a comprehensive paid training program that ushers candidates through a series of online training modules and in-person classroom sessions. Our training program culminates with an apprenticeship period where new scribes work one-on-one with a trainer until they can fill in EMR notes with minimal editing. But the support doesn't end there. 

Our education team is involved with our scribe's experience until they depart. Scribes always have someone they can always reach out to for feedback and training assistance. And because EMR technology and specialties often differ from place-to-place, we customize our training to meet the learning needs of each of our new scribes.  

3. Our Scribes Work with Only One Provider

Many large companies shuffle scribes from provider to provider, often with little or no notice. That means their scribes are constantly learning new workflows, specialties, and clinic procedures. At the same time, providers have little opportunity to get to know their scribes, let alone include them as an integral part of the care team. 

By contrast, everyone on the Scribe-X training team has worked with our providers extensively. So, we understand their systems and expectations and train our scribes accordingly. We find this delivers a better experience for both our scribes and our providers. 

In the clinic setting, providers respect our scribes and include them as part of the clinic team. Scribes tend to work one-on-one with providers, which leads to them forming real relationships. In many cases, providers will write letters of recommendation for our scribes, which they can include in their school applications. And even though Scribe-X employs all our scribes, they're treated as part of the clinic team. That means scribes are often included in clinic events like holiday parties and other celebrations. 

4. Scribe-X Maintains Clear Lines of Reporting

One common frustration of scribes working for large companies is that it’s never very clear who they report to. Typically, a chief scribe is in charge of all interviewing, hiring, training, auditing, and scheduling. However, chief scribes often can’t deliver feedback to their direct reports. Instead, that feedback comes to the scribe from someone else who doesn’t work in their facility that the scribe has never met. That approach is, perhaps, unavoidable in a top-heavy and bureaucratic large company. However, it doesn’t provide clarity or clear expectations for front-line scribes.

One of the big benefits of working for a locally-owned company is that our scribes will always have a clear line of reporting. Feedback always comes through our chief scribe who knows each of our scribes personally and had a big hand in training them. 

5. Our Scribes are Treated Like Professionals

Perhaps most importantly, we treat our scribes like the professionals they are. Many large scribe companies approach their employees like interchangeable cogs they can replace at any time. By contrast, Scribe-X invests in our employees to ensure they're getting as much from their experience as possible.

Where most large companies target undergrads and don't offer full-time employment, Scribe-X seeks out gap-year students searching for an immersive, full-time clinical experience. Some of our scribes also qualify for health insurance reimbursement. 

Want to Learn More? Contact Us Today

At Scribe-X, we understand that our top-notch scribes are what set us apart from our larger competitors. However, we can only employ top-notch scribes by treating them with respect, training them properly, and investing in their career as healthcare providers.

If you'd like to learn more about employment opportunities at Scribe-X, contact us today! You can also apply for scribe positions by emailing Don't let your location stop you from applying. While 60% of our scribes work onsite with providers in Oregon and SW Washington, we also have many remote scribing positions open with providers in other states. So no matter where you live, there's a scribing opportunity for you. 

Click on our jobs page to view a list of all our open positions. We hope to hear from you soon!