Constant Quality Improvement (CQI)

✔ Ensures quality of your scribe service over time
✔ Verifies the scribe service meets the clinic’s goals including patient volume, charge capture, decreased charting time, and more
✔ Continuous training for EMR updates, change in workflows, and new quality measures

Benefits of a Dedicated Abstractor

✔ 100% focus assures 100% accuracy
✔ All charts abstracted in time for next patient visit
✔ Allows for better documentation to support quality metrics
✔ Allows support staff to do more patient-facing duties
✔ Faster project completion eliminates need to access old EMR

EMR Support

✔ SuperUser scribes can provide training and consultation on EMR efficiency for providers and ancillary staff
✔ Build out templates and quicktexts/macros to improve efficiency when navigating the EMR
✔ Capture clinical quality measures accurately in real time
✔ Review records prior to the visit to prompt provider with quality measures needing to be addressed

Administrative Support

✔ Free up the ancillary clinic staff to spend more time on other important patient care duties
✔ Increase efficiency – more hands-on-deck for admin work means providers spend less time waiting for processed paperwork
✔ Appointment reminder calls can decrease # of no shows

Chart Catch-Up

✔Complete backlogged charts so they can be billed
✔Decrease provider work hours spent on catching up
✔Improve completeness of patient record

Remote-Scribe Benefits

✔ Secure, live connection
✔ All Remote-Scribes are in the U.S.
✔ Accurate real-time chart documentation
✔ Charts completed same day
✔ Increase patient volume
✔ Custom scribe programs
✔ Live video and audio patient encounters

Customized For Your Practice

Your catalyst for improving patient satisfaction, creating more time, and increasing practice revenue.

Can you answer "Yes" to any of these questions?

✔ Using your weekend to catch up on charts?
✔ Experiencing burnout?
✔ Want to increase patient volume?
✔ Enjoy mentoring smart people?
✔ Want to focus on patients and not the screen?


Scribe-X scribes pay for themselves!


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On-Site Medical Scribe Benefits

✔ Improve provider efficiency
✔ Accurate chart documentation
✔ Increase patient volume
✔ Charts completed same day

✔ Improve patient satisfaction
✔ Custom scribe programs
✔ More accurate billing levels