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Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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Our services are evolving to help connect providers with their patients wherever they are through our proprietary ScribeBridge™ platform.

Medical Scribe Services

Our medical scribes are paired with a medical provider to deliver real-time documentation support, resulting in:

• Timely completion of notes.
• Improved charge capture.
• Robust quality metric tracking.
• Increased patient volumes.
• And happier medical providers.

We focus on the chart, so medical providers can focus on the patient, and their families!

Remote Service Augmentation

We have developed a proprietary telehealth platform, ScribeBridge, to deliver reliable, HIPAA-compliant service to any provider, no matter their location.  

Most Scribe-X customers now utilize our hybrid staffing model, which combines on-site and remote scribes, to maximize service continuity. 

We offer the best selection of scribes with the most reliable service model out there!

Quality and Administrative Support

Our medical scribes are trained to finish the entire note — from chief complaint to assessment and plan — including chart prep, billing, and coding.

We also provide ongoing CQI training in accordance with the evolving needs of the practice for things such as:

• EMR workflows.
• Quality reporting.
• Cross-training.

We continue to train until your return on investment is met!

In partnership with sister company Med-X, Scribe-X now offers turn key clinical and non-clinical COVID-19 staffing services to support health departments and community clinics

Clinical and Non-Clinical Vaccination Support

Our vaccination teams administer vaccine doses, coordinate patient throughput, and document the entire encounter for reporting support. We also provide screening teams to assist with the administration of this entire process.

Patient Testing Assistants (PTAs)

Our training ensures that all PTAs receive a Medical Assistant-Registered credential allowing them to greet, register, swab , and record each patient encounter.

Patient Screening Assistants (PSAs)

PSAs are available to support public health initiatives and are trained to ensure effective screening of every patient, document each encounter to support reporting requirements, and triage in accordance with clinic protocols.

Additional Services

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Our scribes are always sharpening their skills through ongoing training. That means your Scribe-X medical scribe will always be at the top of their game so you can provide the best level of care for your patients.
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Chart Catch-Up

It’s easy to get behind on patient charting and hard to get caught up. Scribe-X medical scribes can help complete backlogged charts so they can be billed. This process also improves the patient record and decreases provider hours spent catching up.
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Clinic Admin Work

With a medical scribe in place, ancillary clinic staff spends more time on other important patient care duties. Plus, more hands-on-deck for admin work means providers spend less time waiting for processed paperwork.
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EMR Training & Support

Thanks to our CQI process, Scribe-X medical scribes are EMR superusers. In addition to scribing for providers, our scribe can help train clinic staff to get more out of their EMR use. This support helps clinics increase efficiency, capture quality metrics, and improve patient care.
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On-Site Scribe

An on-site scribe becomes a member of the patient care team. From handling documentation to printing after-visit summaries and inputting new patient questionnaires, they help not only the provider but the medical assistants as well.
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Remote Medical Scribe

Our remote medical scribe service offers an opportunity for rural clinics to have a full-time scribe using a secure, live connection. These scribes provide accurate, real-time chart documentation, with charts completed in the same day. Remote scribes also increase availability for shift coverage.
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Chart Abstracting

A dedicated abstractor ensures that all charts are completed in time for the next patient visit. They also allow for better documentation to support quality metrics. By turning these tasks over to a specialist, support staff is freed up to do more patient-facing duties.
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