As telehealth solutions continue evolving, virtual tools are becoming a critical component of every provider's toolkit. This new normal even extends to medical scribes. Traditionally, medical scribes worked in person to record patient encounters in the electronic medical record (EMR). However, technology has advanced to the point where scribes working offsite are just as effective and, in many cases, better than in-person scribes. 

These remote scribes use virtual tools to watch and listen to patient encounters while working in the EMR. This virtual approach can be ideal for providers who don't have the physical space in the exam room to accommodate another team member. Additionally, some patients might feel uncomfortable discussing personal health matters in front of a team member who is not a clinician. And in the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, remote scribes help providers improve efficiency while minimizing the risk of infection.     

Our Approach is Unique

Many companies offer remote scribe services. However, they are not all created equal. Early in the pandemic, Scribe-X realized that remote scribes would be critical in this era of healthcare. That's why we moved quickly to transition most of our clients to remote services. We've developed an approach that's different and more effective than other medical scribe providers during that time. Here are five reasons why a Scribe-X remote scribe program makes an excellent addition to any outpatient practice.

1. Scribes Watch & Listen Live

Some companies employ foreign workers as remote medical scribes. Under this arrangement, these workers often don’t watch or listen live. Instead, they work from recordings of patient encounters and update medical files accordingly. While this may be a more budget-friendly arrangement, it’s far from ideal. Language and cultural barriers could result in a higher percentage of charting errors. Plus, there will be a delay between the patient’s appointment and when the scribe can complete the chart.

By contrast, Scribe-X remote scribes connect with their provider through a live video and audio feed while updating the EMR in real-time. No other remote scribe service offers live video feeds. However, they're crucial for keeping accurate records. A video feed allows scribes to pick up on unverbalized cues so they can be more detailed. Watching live also enables scribes to catch things the doctor may forget to mention. This additional information leads to fewer questions and less dictation from doctors and means our scribes typically complete patient files the same day. 

What's more, our scribes are typically aspiring medical students who are familiar with the culture and procedures inside American exam rooms. These factors combine to make our approach to remote scribing more attractive than others. 

2. Built-in Telehealth Solutions

Scribe-X remote scribe services also come with complimentary access to Scribebridge®, our proprietary telehealth platform. This valuable add-on gives providers access to a one-click virtual exam room patients can access without a login. Scribebridge® is also where a medical scribe connects to record patient encounters. This virtual environment keeps additional people out of the exam room so the patient can enjoy a more personal experience. Scribebridge® also features a secure chat feature so providers can discreetly communicate information to the medical scribe that might be confusing or inappropriate for the patient to hear.  

3. Security is Critical

No matter how you access remote scribes, effective security measures must be front-and-center. Without them, providers risk significant fines for violating patient confidentiality. Our remote scribe services are HIPAA compliant, and all Scribebridge® communications are double-encrypted for added peace of mind. Plus, we'll provide a signed business associate agreement, which provides your organization with an additional protection layer.

4. Customized Scribe Training

Every provider is different. That's why we've built a process to train new scribes based on their provider's unique needs, goals, and procedures. In-person scribes typically receive a portion of their training during patient encounters with a trainer by their side. As a result, patients and providers must accommodate an additional person in the exam room, which is often inconvenient. 

By contrast, remote scribes can receive the same experience virtually as their trainers unobtrusively join the Scribebridge® call to monitor their performance while providing real-time feedback and corrections — speeding their development. 

5. Guaranteed Coverage

Once providers become accustomed to using a medical scribe, they often find it hard to go back. So, maintaining consistent scribe coverage is a critical concern. Of course, life inevitably happens, and scribes will get sick or move on to other jobs. However, when scribes work in person, it can be incredibly challenging to find an adequate replacement — especially on short notice. By contrast, we can source the best available coverage from anywhere in the United States with scribes working remotely. This capability enables us to provide our customers with a 99% coverage rate, which is the best in the industry. That's why Scribe-X customers can rest easy knowing they'll always have their most valuable partner at hand.

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Remote scribes are a fantastic option for many different types of outpatient clinics. Contact Scribe-X today if you'd like to learn how these allied healthcare workers can help your practice improve its efficiency and even its revenue. We're the northwest's leading medical scribe staffing company supplying remote scribing services to providers nationwide. Call (503) 914-5857 or fill out the contact form on our website for more information.