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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Scribe-X is the nation's premier medical scribe services company. Scribe-X was created with one clear goal in mind: to help providers take better care of their patients and themselves. For more than eight years, we've been doing just that. Our proven quick-start process, telehealth integration, and best-in-class scribe training program help health centers and clinics across the country reduce provider burden, increase productivity, and drive fiscal health.

The Scribe-X Leadership Team

Warren Johnson


With experience in nursing, nurse management, healthcare staffing and startups, Warren has the ideal pedigree to lead Scribe-X.

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Jason Hess


A growth-minded executive with experience in both healthcare and tech, Jason helps guide Scribe-X as it continues its upward trajectory.

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Jack Graham


Jack brings two decades of healthcare staffing experience to Scribe-X, where he helps build our outpatient scribe service line.

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Hannah Morris

Director of Operations

With an education in global health and years of scribe experience, Hannah ensures our team is well-trained and prepared to meet our provider’s needs. 

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Our medical scribe programs reduce documentation burdens for healthcare providers, enabling them to care for patients more effectively while enjoying improved work/life balance. 

We simultaneously support medical scribes’ career ambitions, connecting them with valuable educational opportunities so they are equipped to become the next generation of healthcare providers.


As we succeed in our mission, current and future healthcare providers will practice with utmost efficiency and attention, offering premier care to patients and creating healthier communities across the country.  


Integrity and Compassion
We take a people-centric approach to staffing, considering employee strengths and provider preferences equally. We assess performance with honesty and empathy, maintaining equity of treatment throughout all operations.

Excellence and Reliability
We commit to prompt communication, consistency of service, and timely attention to clinic and provider concerns. From our administrative team to our entry-level staff, we strive for the utmost quality in all that we provide.

Education and Mentorship
Our scribe education program is unrivaled. Our ever-expanding team of trainers and training consultants are regularly available to counsel staff and to report scribe progress. Our elevated scheduling philosophy also allows for meaningful, learning-oriented relationships between scribe and provider.

Positivity and Enthusiasm
We focus on team unity and community, understanding that joy and fulfillment are equally essential to the growth of healthcare as innovation and knowledge.

Adaptability and Growth
We are quick to anticipate and discerningly respond as the world changes. By encouraging employee development and by attentively considering clinic and provider feedback, we aspire to contribute unparalleled value to customers and personnel alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The Scribe-X headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. However, our scribes work across the country, supporting our clients both at their facilities and remotely from a HIPAA-compliant office.

Where do you get your scribes?

While Scribe-X scribes come with a diverse background, most are pre-health, recent graduates, or taking gap years prior to continuing their education. Most scribes have long term goals of becoming a medical provider (e.g. MD, DO, PA, NP) and are eager to gain hands-on experience as a part of a medical team. Onsite scribes are hired from the community they will serve, while remote scribes are hired out of a number of different communities across the country.

What specialties and EMRs do you support?

The Scribe-X service is customizable to any specialty and EMR. Scribe-X customers currently utilize scribes across 27 specialties and 10 EMRs. Some of the more common specialties include primary care, urgent care, dermatology, cardiology, and orthopedics. Some of the more common EMRs include Epic, Athena, NextGen, Centricity, and eClinicWorks.

What is the difference between onsite and remote scribe services?

Whether the scribe is onsite or working from a remote, HIPAA-compliant office, the service is virtually the same. All Scribe-X scribes provide real-time documentation, from history to assessment and plan, including assistance with coding and orders, as requested. For most clients, a hybrid model is recommended, such that the scribe program is supported with a combination of onsite and remote scribes. This is the best way to maximize coverage, selection, and on-going training support.

How much of an expense can I expect to incur if I implemented a scribe program?

Most Scribe-X clients have requested scribe programs that either break even or better. Whether it be through greater patient throughput, better medical provider retention and longevity, improved charge capture, or effective quality metric reporting, there are many avenues to maintain or improve the financial health of your practice.

Can I try out the scribe service before committing long term?

Yes! You can reach our sales team at 503-914-5857 or to discuss your goals for the program and schedule a time for a medical provider to try working with a scribe.