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The Benefits of Scribing From Home

At Scribe-X, I started my career as a remote scribe working from the company’s office locations in Downtown Portland and at the headquarters in Goose Hollow. I really enjoyed performing my job via ScribeBridge, the Skype-like program used to connect with providers, because I felt like there were more opportunities with remote scribing when compared to in-person scribing. 

A Variety of Opportunities

For starters, when using the remote scribe program, you have a larger pool of clinics to pull from when trying to find an assignment. This is because Scribe-X has contracts with clinics located in Oregon, Washington, Northern California, and Montana, and most of them use remote scribing services. Therefore, if you want exposure to a different type of patient population than the one in your city, then working as a remote scribe allows you to access these unique and varied locations when choosing a clinic to work with. Many clinics are extremely receptive to using an online scribing service in place of an in-person scribe, and some have even come to prefer this. 

Work From Home

Another advantage of working as a remote scribe is that you have the opportunity to do this from home if you are working full time. Instead of commuting far away to a clinic for your shift every day, which can be a problem in places like Portland that have a serious traffic problem, you can perform your entire job from your home office. 

As an at-home remote scribe, you also don’t need to acquire any specific equipment. Scribe-X will ship you all of the necessary materials to accommodate your situation at home. Being able to scribe from home also allows you more freedom during your breaks. Depending on where you work, there may be gaps between patients. The physician usually does administrative tasks during those times, and you are left to your own devices. 

If you are an at-home remote scribe, you can use this time wisely by doing things such as homework, personal accounting, or taking care of your children if you have any. If you are an in-person scribe at a clinic and have breaks between patients, the most exciting thing you can usually do is go on your phone, which is not extremely productive. Using your free time during a shift wisely because you work from home is a very large advantage of at-home remote scribing.

More Free Time

For me, the biggest advantage to working from home is that it gives you more time to do things in your personal life when you are not working. You are still working the same amount of hours, don't get me wrong, but not having a significant commute to and from work and not having to prepare lunches and breakfasts in advance frees up a lot of your spare time. 

The amount of time that I had at my disposal after work when I was at home scribing vs. in-person scribing was astounding, and to me, this is one of the biggest advantages of working as a remote scribe from home. Because you are only working during the hours of your shift, and aren't taking any more time after the shift ends preparing for work the next day or driving home, you can focus more on things such as family, personal achievements, and hobbies. 

Having this little bit of extra time each week when you are not working or thinking about work really supports a healthy work-life balance and did wonders for my mental health. If any of these advantages that I described sound interesting, you should definitely look into remote scribing instead of in-person scribing. 

Vivan, Lead Scribe


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