New Ticket System Announcement & Instructions

I am happy to announce that effective 11/18/19 we will be implementing the Scribe-X IT ticketing system that will help us track and manage IT related issues. Please utilize this ticketing system to report all technical issues, even those which appear to have already been resolved.

Submitting a ticket
To submit a new ticket, send an email to Please include the following in the subject line:

The system/workstation you are having an issue with and a brief summary of issue Note: “Internet now working” is not an acceptable summary. “When I browse to I get a 404 error” is what we are looking for

Please include the following in the body of the email: 

Your name
Clinic & provider you are working with
Detailed description of the issue you are having as stated above for subject line, avoiding vague phrases such as “I am having an issue” or “ScribeBridge isn’t working”. Including any actions taken so we can try to reproduce the error.

Please make sure that you report ALL IT issues, big or small (includes dropped calls), using the ticketing system. We want to know of every IT issue you face, so we have full visibility into the ScribeBridge experience. Even if the issue quickly resolves itself, please let us know by putting in a ticket. 
Once you’ve submitted a ticket, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your ticket number in the subject line. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder, before calling to check. Scribe-X IT staff will process your ticket and provide updates via email on expected resolution time or resolution of the ticket.

If you feel the situation is critical you can always call the IT support line (971) 268-6158 so we can address it ASAP, but we will require you to still enter a ticket into the system

Monitoring the ticket
All activities and updates on your ticket will be sent to you via email. If you do not see any activity on your ticket after 10 minutes and/or your situation requires immediate attention, you may call the IT support line at (971) 268-6158. If you’ve received your ticket number, please be ready to provide it. If you call the IT support line before submitting a ticket, make sure you submit one after getting off the phone with an IT support specialist. 

Using the Scribe-X Ticketing Portal (Optional)
You may also monitor the status of your ticket via the online portal. In the confirmation email, click “View request” which will bring you to the log-in page. Sign in with existing credentials or create a new login. 
After you sign in, you may check the status, reply to questions, or comment on each of your submitted tickets.

Please see screenshot below of a sample ticket from the portal.