New Challenges Require New Solutions

The healthcare environment is filled with challenges for providers and administrators alike. Onerous regulations, payment challenges, physician burnout, and hundreds of smaller issues combine to make it harder than ever to run a successful practice. However, the need for healthcare services isn’t going away. In fact, quality healthcare will become even more critical as the country ages, and our government continues debating how to increase access for everyone. 

Scribe-X offers solutions to some of the most critical problems providers face today. Our qualified scribes work directly with physicians — either on-site or remotely — to capture the patient encounter directly in the EHR. This arrangement allows providers to focus on delivering care, while the scribe focuses on entering accurate patient information, which increases efficiency and speeds reimbursement. But that’s not all.

Partners in Your Success

The benefit of medical scribes touches on many different areas within a practice or healthcare system. Scribe services can also be customized to meet the unique demands and workflows of each customer. That’s why we consider ourselves more than just a scribe company. We want to be partners in your success. 

We’ll explore how we do that in upcoming posts. We’ll also talk about the important topics facing providers and administrators every day and hope you’ll follow along. 

If you’d like to learn about our business, contact us today at (503) 914-5847 or by filling out the form on our website. Much more to come!