A Note From Scribe-X CEO Warren Johnson

As this remarkable year draws to a close, I'm spending some time reflecting on 2020, the changes COVID has brought to our industry, and what might lie ahead in 2021. There's no question the ongoing pandemic has impacted everyone in the medical community, and I'm hearing the same themes repeated by many of your colleagues locally and across the country.

Clinics and specialists continue trying to meet their patients' needs while adjusting to dramatically different workflows. In most cases, this means more telehealth appointments and fewer in-person visits, which brings a host of fresh challenges and opportunities. Through it all, providers are more burnt out than ever thanks to a backlog of patients, a third wave of COVID illnesses, and underlying concern for the health and safety of patients and staff. Many of us have never worked in a more challenging environment.

We're Investing in Our Business to Serve Our Customers Better

Scribe-X experienced its own spring pandemic slowdown while many clinics and specialists were closed. Our team quickly realized that our customers would need a new set of tools and services to succeed in a COVID environment, so we set out to reimagine our operations. Part of those adjustments included investing heavily in our IT infrastructure and solutions so more customers could take advantage of our in-house telehealth platform that seamlessly connects the provider, patient, and medical scribe from different locations. 

We're also investing in our personnel with new business partners who possess highly valuable industry expertise, additional physician consultants who provide insight on provider needs, and an expanded customer engagement team. It's all part of a focused effort to ensure Scribe-X remains a valued business partner through COVID and beyond.

New Services for a New Healthcare Environment

So what's ahead for Scribe-X in the New Year? In addition to offering the same valuable medical scribe support empowering physicians to focus on patient care rather than data entry, we've also added new services to meet the challenges of the current COVID landscape. We have dramatically expanded our telehealth and remote scribe services to meet the needs of hundreds of new providers.

We are also deploying dozens of COVID response workers to meet COVID testing demands, contact tracing, and, soon, vaccination initiatives, which currently take valuable resources away from other patient care duties. Scribe-X fills these critical needs with well-trained, flexible, temporary workers who can test suspected COVID cases, follow up with contact tracing, and administer vaccinations as part of our COVID response. These efforts allow providers to scale to meet growing demand without the added complexity of recruiting, hiring, training, staffing, and managing new full-time employees.

Focusing on What Matters Amidst Uncertainty

For clinics, specialists, and providers alike, there's no way to escape the uncertainty of our present moment. All that's left is to continue meeting the patient's needs as best as possible. While COVID has been a once-in-a-lifetime challenge for Scribe-X, it's been a blessing in many ways. It has given us another opportunity to listen and respond to our industry's needs, and we are grateful we have a way to help. As an organization, Scribe-X has emerged to embrace this uncertainty and double-down on what we do best: providing tangible value for our customers.  

As always, we're here to offer support and resources for clinics and specialists throughout the country. If we can help you be successful, please reach out directly to me at warren@scribe-x.com. In the meantime, my wish is that we all find new peace and prosperity in the coming year.

All My Best,

Warren Johnson, RN (ret.) MN

CEO, Scribe-X