Make your practice ALL about treating patients, not about managing your EMR

Engage with Scribe-X Northwest to manage your EMR documentation for you

“Working with Scribe-X Northwest medical scribes gave me back my time and peace of mind.”
–Dr. Hal Barry,
Sunset Medical Group
“Our clients increased their practice revenue by 20-35 percent after implementing a medical scribe.”
–Jill Arena, Partner,
Health e Practices
“Having all of the scribe functions done for us has been wonderful. Communication with Scribe-X Northwest is always fast and accurate. The scribes perform well, and my doctors are very happy.”
–Connie Pertil, Clinic Manager,
Gresham Troutdale Family Medical Center
“Scribe-X ’s medical director worked with our team to ensure customized training for our office.”
–Linda Norton, Clinic Manager,
Adventist Health Medical Group
“Adding a medical scribe to my team made the difference between closing my doors and practicing for 5 more years. It has been invaluable to my practice and my patients.”
–Murlan E. Grise, D.O.