What Would More Time Mean to Your Physicians?

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Physician Satisfaction

Physicians report greater satisfaction using medical scribes:

  • You can enjoy being a doctor by delegating your clerical tasks
  • You can have more “real” face time with patients during their visit
  • You can enjoy a balanced work schedule, with time for lunch
  • You can quickly sign off on thorough patient notes
  • You can go home on time and not feel burned out

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction scores are higher with Scribe-X Northwest:

  • Patients receive more personalized attention
    – Your medical scribe interacts with the EMR so you don’t have to
  • Patients are seen more quickly
    – They can book appointments and see their physician sooner
    – Last minute appointments are more easily accommodated
  • Patients like having more people in the room caring for them
    – You have the time to address more than the chief complaint

Quality Documentation

Medical scribes ensure your patient notes are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Logical, well written, and tells the story of the patient encounter
  • Complete with all protocols to support essential billing codes
  • Documented in real-time and ready for approval and submission

Medical scribes ensure your chart submissions are:

  • Accurate
  • Reimbursed at the proper chart level and not down-coded
  • Reimbursed upon first submission with fewer claim denials
  • Paid in a timely manner, avoiding delays and non-payment

Highly Qualified Medical Scribes

Our extraordinary steps ensure the best medical scribe:

  • Highly selective screening
  • Exceptional training
  • We match the right medical scribe with our physician clients
  • We manage to optimal performance

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