Make your practice ALL about treating patients, not about managing your EMR

Engage with Scribe-X Northwest to manage your EMR documentation for you

Q: Is there enough space?

A: Physicians often worry that there will not be enough space in the patient room to in- clude a medical scribe. We have found that no matter how small the patient rooms are, 100% of our prospective clients have been able to accommodate a scribe in the room.

Q: Will the patient be bothered?

A: Although many physicians are concerned about the impact on their patients, nearly ALL patients recognize scribes as important members of the team who are committed to quality patient care. Scribe-X Northwest works with each physician to identify key patient messages that will put the patient at ease. As a result, 99% of patients report greater satisfaction, and feel they are getting better care with a scribe in the room.

Q: What is the cost and is it really worth it?

A: With our medical scribes, physicians recapture 3 hours or more each day. For them, it is worth the cost. With the time they save, they may also choose to see 1- 2 patients more each day, which more than pays for the service.

Q: Will I/my physicians really be able to see more patients in a day?

A: We have seen some exceptional results, clients who are seeing 11 more patients per day- a 79% increase. The average is approximately a 35% increase in visits per day. What would the clinic revenue look like if your physicians saw 35% more patients and still went home within an hour of seeing their last patient? 

Q: How do I know the scribe is really going to do a good job?

A: Just ask our clients. The notes are more comprehensive and ALL of what the physician performed is captured in real-time. No more missing chart elements, late charts, or missed opportunities to dive deeper into the patient’s history and needs. The scribe is spending 9 – 10 hours constantly entering information, at 80+ words per minute. This is far more than any physician can do while still treating the patient. This results in more information, better charge capture, better notes, better compliance, and exceptional documentation quality.

Q: Why can’t I have my MA perform the scribing functions?

A: You can. Typically the MA is committed to performing the direct patient duties and scribing is not a skill they are well prepared to do, or that they want to do. Therefore, most MAs struggle to keep up with the scribe responsibilities, making the results mediocre at best.

Q: Why can’t I hire my own scribe?

A: You can! Some clinics build their own in-house program, however most fail within the first year. It is often too time consuming to administer and too difficult to achieve adoption among providers without workflow expertise. While some achieve a small amount of success, their lack of expertise and training resources significantly limit the impact their scribes can have. They tend to have very high turnover and small increases in throughput and charge capture.

Q: Does it really work as well as you say it does?

A: We believe in the power of the service and make bold claims about its value. ALL of our clients can speak to the results and we are happy to provide you with a long list of references.