Make your practice ALL about treating patients, not about managing your EMR

Engage with Scribe-X Northwest to manage your EMR documentation for you

doctorWhat if your patients reported significantly
higher satisfaction?

  • Because you aren’t multi-tasking on the EMR
  • Because you are engaged in more personalized face time
  • Because you are able to address more than the chief complaint

  • What if you could free up 36% more time in your day?
    Would you use that time to…
  • See six additional patients a day?
  • Go home at a reasonable hour and not take work home?

  • What if you could increase revenue by 27%?

        • Add $64,000 (net) visit revenue per 100 clinic days
        • Add ≈$320,000 in downstream revenue per 100 clinic days

    What if your charts were nearly perfect before you entered your first key stroke?

  • With Scribe-X Northwest, the patient encounter is documented in real-time
  • With Scribe-X Northwest, notes are professional and require minimal edits
  • With Scribe-X Northwest, accurate billing and coding information is captured
  • With Scribe-X Northwest, first-submission billing rejections are minimized
  • Practice Quality

    • Elevated physician satisfaction
    • Higher patient satisfaction
    • Increased quality documentation

    Patient Throughput

    • Add 36% more time to your day
    • See six more patients per day

    Practice Revenue

    • Increase revenue by 27%
    • And shorten your work day

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